4 of The Best Trees to Plant in Texas

Tree Planting Services in Kingwood, TX

There are a lot of compelling reasons to add trees to your property. Trees create a beautiful natural landscape, boost the value of your home, help you save on energy costs, and contribute to the environment!

For trees to grow in the often-scorching Texas sun, they need to be particularly tough. Your best bet is to consult a professional to help you choose the right trees for your property. In the meantime, check out a few of our favorites that are built to thrive in the southern heat and add a unique beauty to a Texas landscape!

1) Live Oak

A favorite Texas evergreen, the Live Oak is a sturdy and long-lasting tree that can withstand the stress of inclement Texas weather. These trees often grow up to 50 feet or taller, and have a wide, dense canopy that makes them great for shading your property.

2) Cedar Elm

Cedar Elms are ideal trees for anywhere in Texas. They can grow in many different soil types and have a high drought tolerance—so it should come as no surprise that they’re native to the state! Like the Live Oak, this tree casts a nice shade, but its deep green leaves will turn a brilliant shade of gold in the autumn.

3) Chinese Pistache

An easy-to-maintain and heat tolerant option, this tree makes an excellent candidate for landscapes all throughout the state of Texas. It grows to a moderate size (around 25-30 feet on average), so it’s ideal for smaller properties. The Chinese Pistache also offers a stunning seasonal color spectrum of deep reds, radiant oranges, and vivid yellows!

4) Magnolia

Magnolias are well-known for being great southern trees that thrive in the full Texas sun. Their fragrant white flowers paired with deep green glossy leaves will add a special elegance to any property.

The most reliable way to ensure you’re investing in trees that will make your property stand out for a lifetime is to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of tree care. For homeowners throughout Kingwood and surrounding areas in Texas, that someone is Forest Tree Service, Inc.

Contact our team of arbor experts today to book our tree and shrub planting services and learn more about how we can help you keep your trees in the best shape possible!