Houston, TX Tree Service

For more than 20 years, Forest Tree Service has been providing tree removal services to those in Houston, TX and many of the surrounding areas. Whether you have an ugly tree in your yard you want to remove or a tree that looks like it could topple over soon, we’re the tree removal company you can trust to take it down safely. We can also finish the job off by offering tree stump removal services, including tree stump grinding, to make the tree disappear completely.

Forest Tree Service can set you up with more than just tree removal services too. Outside of serving as the area’s premier tree removal company, we’re also a tree planting company that can provide you with tree planting services. Our tree planters for hire can take any tree you want and find the right place for it in your yard based on your needs. We can plant shrubs as well and show you how to care for them, so they grow to be strong and enhance your landscape design.

If you need tree pruning services in Houston, TX, Forest Tree Service can also lend a hand with them. We’re a tree pruning company that can take down heavy tree branches that could fall at any second and remove sucklings from the interior of a tree to prevent it from getting all the nutrients it needs. Our tree and shrub pruning will make the trees on your property look better than they do now while also ensuring their health and safety.

Call Forest Tree Service at 281-381-4125 if you’re currently searching for a tree removal company, interested in doing ornamental tree pruning, or in desperate need of tree stump removal services in Houston, TX.