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How Hiring a Tree Professional Benefits Your Property

Tree Professionals

Do you need to remove a dead tree from your property? Or do you want to plant a new tree and give it every opportunity to grow to be big and strong? While you could try to tackle these tasks on your own, you should strongly consider hiring a tree professional to help with any… Read more »

How Does Lightning Damage Tree Branches?

Lightning and Trees

Did you know a strike of lightning can produce temperatures greater than 50,000 degrees? And one strike can reach more than five miles in length? And if you want another statistic that’ll blow your mind, how about this: a lightning strike can have an electrical charge of 100 million volts! Yikes. Trees Are Prone to… Read more »

Should You Cut Dead Branches off a Tree?

Dead Branches

If you’re not educated about trees, you might look at ones in your yard and have no idea what to do about them when you see things like dead branches. “Do I leave them there and not disturb the tree?” “Do I cut them all off?” “Do I call Forest Tree Service and have them… Read more »

What is Causing My Tree to Die?

Dying Trees

Why do trees die? Like humans and pets, trees get old. They can (and do) die from old age. Perhaps the major difference between humans, pets and trees is the sheer number of years trees can live… some will last centuries. Did you know the Bristlecone Pine can live up to 5,000 years? That’s astounding!… Read more »

Tree Care Myths to Ignore

Tree Care Myths

Unless you do your research and really learn a lot about tree care, you are probably like most people in that you don’t know much about trees, and you’re okay with that– after all, it’s not a topic most people talk about at parties. The only time people really think about the trees on their… Read more »

Tree Trimming Versus Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning

Forest Tree Service of Kingwood, Texas, handles a lot of tree trimmings, stump grindings and more. Did you know that Neil Leuck (who owns the company) once trimmed trees in New York City’s Central Park? Whether it’s serving residential, commercial or municipal clients in and around Kingwood, Forest Tree Service is consistently known for doing… Read more »

How Often Should You Have Tree Pruning Done?

Tree Pruning

If you’re like most people, once in a great while you think to yourself, “How often should I have tree pruning done?” Maybe your yard is tarting to look “overgrown” or “shabby,” and the idea of hiring a professional tree crew from the likes of Forest Tree Service comes to mind… Rule of Thumb With… Read more »

How to Care For a Tree on Your Property After a Strong Storm

After a strong storm comes through and messes with your property, what do you do when you’ve got an injured, broken or down tree in the yard? Evaluate the Tree’s Future First things first: ask yourself, “Can this tree be saved?” If you’re not sure, you might want to have Forest Tree Service come over… Read more »