How Stump Grinding Services Benefit Homeowners

Did you ever have a zit on your face? If so, you wanted it gone, right? Zits, much like tree stumps, are a nuisance you wish would go just go away.

Now some people live in areas where a couple tree stumps in the yard don’t really matter. They’re “out in the country” and have huge lots and they love nature, figuring stumps are no big deal. The other 95% of people do not agree.

An Unsightly Waste of Space

If you live in a crowded urban or suburban area, and a tree gets removed but the stump is still left there, for whatever reason, now you have an ugly thing taking up space in your yard. That’s space that could be used for other things like a pool, picnic table or play area for kids. If you’re “stuck with a stump” why have a professional company do stump grinding and remove it once and for all? For those who want to sell their house, by the way, getting rid of stumps increases “curb appeal.”

Yard Chore Difficulties

Furthermore, if you’re trying to cut the grass and there are a bunch of little stumps in the front yard, do you know how hard it is to cut around them every time? You can’t get really close to them, so your yard starts looking messy, with weeds and things growing up around stumps. And when those stumps get hidden it’s not uncommon for people to literally trip over them or stub their toes walking into them. And there’s this: do you want stumps to damage your lawn mower? Of course not.

Strange “Shoots” Could Sprout

Leaving a tree stump in the ground will cause new trees to grow at and around it. This will look odd! Once these “shoots” sprout, they’ll be everywhere and hard to remove. Don’t let that happen.

A New Home for Insects

Finally, stumps attract insects. As they decay and rot in your yard they become a feast for bugs like wood borers and termites. If you don’t want those bugs around/near your house, get rid of stumps.

In and around Kingwood, Texas, the place to call for stump grinding and stump removal services is Forest Tree Service at 281-359-7874.