Reasons to Remove a Stump From Your Property

Forest Tree Service of Kingwood, Texas, often removes stumps from many area properties. For most people, rotting tree stumps are eyesores. They get them removed for aesthetic purposes, in order to make their yard look better.

What are some other reasons to have a stump removed from your property?

The Benefits of Removing Tree Stumps

For starters, stumps make lawn cutting difficult. If you have a riding mower, a stump gets in your way of making a clean sweeping cut of an area because it’s raised up, generally “circular,” and, therefore, hard to cut around with most tractors. If and when the stump remains, that means more work regarding a weed wacker and/or pulling out tall grass around the stump by hand. Texas homeowners have been thankful to get rid of a stump or two in order to make their weekly lawn mowing easier!

Next, stumps stick out of the ground and they may become hidden over time thanks to weeds springing up around them if the person in charge of lawn maintenance ignores such areas. Stumps can become hazards, especially in the dark when someone is walking in a yard and unexpectedly encounters them. It makes sense to get rid of stumps in order to avoid people getting injured. It can be a liability issue, too, especially if your yard is used by the public for whatever reason.

Also, stumps tend to attract bugs and critters. They make great houses for termites, beetles and small pests, too. If and when stumps are close to your home, you’re going to be more likely dealing with bugs and critters who live in the stump but go “food shopping” at your house– not good!

Finally, having a stump removed works well when you want to use space in your yard for new purposes. Many residents of Kingwood ask Forest Tree Service to do stump removal so that they can then use that space for a new pool and/or safe trampoline area. Meanwhile, others want the stump removed in order to prevent new sprout/tree growth around the old stump. If you’re going to re-purpose a part of your yard for whatever reason, stumps just get in the way so it makes sense to have them removed.