What Happens If You Don’t Remove a Tree Stump?

Old Tree Stump

When a tree is removed from a property, sometimes people decide to leave its stump. What happens, though, if they don’t remove the tree stump?

A Potentially Dangerous Object

Stumps can actually be dangerous. For instance, imagine it’s dark outside but kids are playing tag or catch or some other game. They’re running around in the dark and one of them runs smack dab into the stump– ouch! People can stub their toes on stumps, or worse– and many have ended up in the hospital because of their “run-in” with one they didn’t notice in time.

An Unsightly Eyesore on Your Property  

Think about this, too: stumps tend to get covered with weeds or grass over time. So, someone is trying to mow the lawn and doesn’t spot the stump– and ends up hitting it. They could hurt themselves and/or their tractor(s). Even if the person mowing the lawn can see the stump, it’s annoying to have to mow around it– it’s always “in the way.”

Meanwhile, stumps can be detrimental, making a yard or property look less aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Imagine if you used to have a large, beautiful tree in one spot, but now there’s just a rotting old stump in its place– that stump looks ugly, and it’s taking up space that could be used for something else, like the placement of a picnic table or a kiddie pool. Stumps don’t help resale value, either– if you’re thinking of selling your house, you should make the yard look as nice as possible in order to entice people to buy the property. Stumps are like zits on the face– they mess up an otherwise nice, pleasing look.

Nutrient Thieves  

What are some other reasons to remove stumps? They take nutrients from surrounding plants. They become breeding grounds for all sorts of bugs and critters. Do you really want to attract beetles, wasps, termites, snakes, and mice? Also, as trees decay, fungus takes over and may then spread to nearby trees and plants. And what if a stump starts growing? Usually it’ll turn into an ugly multi-trunked tree.

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