When Do You Need to Remove a Tree?

Trees are an important part of the landscape around homes and businesses. Trees provide shade during hot weather, shelter during windy weather, privacy from neighboring properties, and even an important visual aesthetic. The bottom line is that trees provide many benefits. Unfortunately, no matter how valuable, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. These are a few tips to help you decide when it may be time to remove a tree.

Warning Signs

There are a number of signs that a tree may be declining or dying. Some are fairly obvious, while others are more subtle.

One of the most obvious signs that a tree may be dying is dead branches. Any time you notice dead or hanging branches in the tree it is time to consider whether it may need to be removed. At a minimum, you will want to have the tree pruned to remove the dead branches as they create a dangerous fall hazard.

The trunk of a dying tree may exhibit bark that it peeling or chipping away. You may also notice cracks or cavities in the trunk and larger branches of an unhealthy tree. Twigs near the ends or branches that do not show evidence of living buds may also indicate the tree is not healthy.

The ground around the tree can also yield clues to the health of the tree. Some things to watch for on the ground are heaving soil or fungi like mushrooms growing near the trunk. These signs may indicate root decay.

Trees that are dying or experiencing decay may be a threat to any buildings and people nearby. The safest option when you think a tree may not be healthy is to contact a tree professional.

At Forest Tree Service, we will work with you to determine whether a tree needs to be removed, or whether it may just need some other attention like pruning or fertilization. When a tree does need to be removed, we are ready to do it safely. Contact us today at 281-359-7874 to schedule a consultation for your trees.