Why Dead Trees Should Be Removed From Your Property

Who doesn’t love a beautiful tree in their yard or in front of their business property? Undoubtedly, trees can help beautify your property and are good for the environment. However, like all things, they do have a shelf life, and dying trees could really plague your property and cause owners a bevy of issues.

Who hasn’t walked or driven past a yard where a dead tree made it look bad? Frankly, dead trees are not attractive; they’re dead! Most people want to live in a neighborhood that’s visually appealing. They want to be around homes with good “curb appeal.” Dead trees in the yard lessen the property’s value and gives neighbors and passersby a negative impression. Dead trees, with their lack of leaves, peeling bark, and branches falling off, are best removed and disposed of, rather than becoming the neighborhood eyesore(s).

Other reasons you’d want to remove a dead tree include:

1) It could fall and hurt or kill a person. It could also fall onto a neighbor’s vehicle or house, damaging their property, and you would most likely be liable.

2) It attracts pests who want to build nests in it. That means bugs, critters and rats. No one wants those vermin taking up residence on their property!

3) It can spread its disease to other trees in the yard. One dead tree can spoil a whole bunch and leave you with an unwelcomed headache.

Forest Tree Service of Kingwood, Texas, can come to your property, assess the tree situation, give you an estimate on the cost to remove the dead tree or trees, and then do the job if you agree to it. Don’t let dead trees linger in your yard; contact the Forest Tree Service office today at 281-359-7874.