Can Your Storm-Damaged Tree Be Saved?

Tree Removal Services in Kingwood, TX

Your property just got hit with a major storm. You and your family were able to hole up inside, binge some Netflix, and wait out the worst of it. The trees in your yard? Not so lucky.

When you step outside after a big storm to find branches strewn across the lawn and your trees looking worse for the wear, it can be difficult to determine which ones can be salvaged and which ones should be put out of their misery.

Here are three questions you can start with to evaluate the fate of your storm-damaged trees:

Was the tree healthy before?

A tree that is otherwise healthy aside from the damage caused by the storm has a higher chance of survival than one that was already deteriorating. On the other hand, if the tree has been previously affected by pests or shown symptoms of disease, it may not have the strength to regenerate. There’s no sense in putting in the time and effort to repair storm damage to a tree that is unlikely to make it anyway.

How much of the crown is left?

The “crown” of a tree is comprised of the branches, leaves, and foliage growing out from the main trunk. Because the leaves are responsible for photosynthesis, the crown is where the tree absorbs vital nutrients and water that are then transported down to its roots. The general rule of thumb is that if at least 50% of the crown is still intact post-storm, the tree should be able to nourish itself enough to survive.

Where and how big are the wounds?

Inspect your storm-damaged tree carefully and take note of the size and placement of its wounds. Large wounds and those that have damaged the structure of the tree do not bode well for its survival. It can take a tree years to heal a crack in its branches, and as it does it is more susceptible to pest infestation and disease. Large cracks in major branches, a split trunk, or any damage that severs the connection between the roots and leaves are also usually a death sentence.

If you need help figuring out the best next steps to take for your tree after a storm, give the specialists at Forest Tree Service a call. A member of our team will come to your property, assess the damage to your tree, and recommend the best service for your situation—whether it’s tree pruning to restore health or tree removal to make your property safe again.

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