Should You Cut Dead Branches off a Tree?

Dead Branches

If you’re not educated about trees, you might look at ones in your yard and have no idea what to do about them when you see things like dead branches.

“Do I leave them there and not disturb the tree?”

“Do I cut them all off?”

“Do I call Forest Tree Service and have them deal with it?”

In general, it’s okay to cut dead branches off a tree. You can do this yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. In Kingwood, Texas, Forest Tree Service would be happy to oblige– affordably and efficiently.

Improved Tree Appearance

Cutting dead branches helps a tree look and grow better. It also makes that tree safer. Imagine a storm comes through and there are dead branches– they’re weaker than alive ones, so they’re apt to fall down thanks to a burst of wind or intense rain. If and when branches fall, they could hurt people or property underneath. Many beautiful vehicles parked under trees have experienced damage because dead branches fell on them during a storm.

Better Support Structure

In order to have/maintain a sound and sturdy branch structure, it’s important to cut/prune trees. Excessive and/or competing branches can be removed, which helps improve the shape of the tree as well as making sunlight and air circulation more available throughout the tree’s canopy. When more sunshine reaches a tree, more photosynthesis occurs… and more growth. So cutting/pruning a tree literally does help a tree grow better.

Improved Property Aesthetics

Finally, cutting dead branches off makes sense aesthetically… trees help or hurt the look of a property. You want your trees to look healthy and in good shape, right? Especially if you’re thinking of selling a property, you don’t want to try and sell a house surrounded by trees full of ugly dead branches! Removed tree branches will grow back if pruned improperly. If the removed branches are pruned properly, what looks like a callous will form over the cut, protecting the tree from infection and decay. Not sure how to properly cut/prune a tree and its branches? Don’t worry: Forest Tree Service has expert pruners. Call the office at 281-359-7874.