When Is It Okay to Remove a Tree from Your Property?

Tree Removal Services in Kingwood, TX

Trees are a beautiful, healthy feature that liven up any property. They’re good for the environment, they make your landscape more interesting, give you more privacy, and have many more benefits that make them valuable.

If you can help it, the last thing you’d ever want to do is remove one from your property. Unfortunately, there are some situations that warrant tree removal for the sake of safety or practicality.

Here are some scenarios that call for removing a tree from your landscape:

When a tree is damaged, dying, or already dead.

Diseased, damaged, and dead trees are safety hazards and property value killers. Weak or decaying limbs can fall suddenly and hurt someone or damage your home, car, or other property. If a tree cannot be revived by removing the diseased or damaged area, it needs to go.

When a tree is causing structural problems.

Sometimes, trees are planted in spots that seem like a good idea when they’re small, but that make them more dangerous as they mature. If a tree is too close to your home or other outdoor structure, for example, the roots may spread into your foundation or heavy limbs may hang perilously close over your roof. Another common issue is that branches start growing into powerlines. In these cases, a tree may need to be removed to protect your home, utilities, and safety.

When a tree is causing landscaping issues.

Large shade trees can make other landscaping impossible as they grow. When their canopy blocks the sun, nothing beneath these trees can grow, such as grass, a garden, or other vegetation. The tree itself may be beautiful, but it won’t make up for the rest of your desolate yard. Sometimes, to create a more attractive and functional landscape, a large, sweeping tree must be sacrificed.

When a tree is unsightly.

There are some trees that just don’t look good no matter what you do, or that are too much of a nuisance to be worth the upkeep. You might decide you have better uses for the land it’s taking up or that your lawn is too difficult to maintain with leaves or fruit constantly shedding on it. Perhaps you’re allergic to or simply don’t like that species of tree. The bottom line is that if it would significantly increase your curb appeal and/or make your life easier, tree removal can be justified.

At Forest Tree Service, we will work with you to determine whether a tree needs to be removed from your Texas property, or whether it may just need some other attention like pruning or fertilization. When a tree does need to be removed, our specialists are prepared to do it safely.

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