Why It’s Important to Mulch Around Your Trees

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To mulch or not to mulch; that is the question. Homeowners are often unsure when it comes to tree care what measures are truly necessary. Many people (mistakenly) believe that trees don’t need attention in the same way as a garden or lawn. They always just seem to grow on their own. While it’s true that, once established, most trees are fairly self-sufficient, that doesn’t mean you can ignore them completely.

One of the things you might wonder is whether you need to apply mulch around your trees or if you can skip it. The answer? Always mulch—and here’s why!

Mulch helps conserve soil moisture.

Mulch can retain up to 80% more moisture to add to tree soil. It does this by protecting the soil from direct sunlight, which greatly reduces water evaporation and increases water filtration to the roots. So, instead of losing a large percentage of water to the air, most of the water your trees receive will go directly to their root system, allowing them to grow taller and stronger. This is especially important for trees in the dry Texas heat.

Mulch delivers more nutrients to tree soil.

Organic mulch adds nutrients to the soil beneath it as it decomposes. As the soil becomes enriched with greater amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it becomes healthier, better-aerated, and ideal for root growth. Mulch also increases the amount of nutrients in tree soil by reducing the growth of weeds that will compete for them.

Mulch protects soil from damage, which in turn protects your tree.

External factors like extreme temperatures, wind, water, and foot traffic can cause soil erosion, pollution, and compaction. These conditions make it more difficult for soil to retain and deliver water and vital nutrients that your trees need to grow. Mulch will act as a protective barrier against these potential hazards, preserving the quality and structure of the soil underneath.

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