How Often Should You Have Tree Pruning Done?

Tree Pruning

If you’re like most people, once in a great while you think to yourself, “How often should I have tree pruning done?” Maybe your yard is tarting to look “overgrown” or “shabby,” and the idea of hiring a professional tree crew from the likes of Forest Tree Service comes to mind…

Rule of Thumb

With shade trees, some need trimming every two years, while others can go for seven years before they need it. As for evergreens, if they’re in the “right” location, away from buildings and such, they probably don’t need much pruning… ever.

Quarter at a Time

If you’re going to have your trees pruned, keep in mind it’s smart to only remove about 25% of growth at any given time. Some people make the mistake of trimming their trees too much, to the point where they’re actually harming the tree’s health. Don’t make that mistake– which, by the way, often happens when people decide to prune on their own without professional guidance.

Young Trees

It’s fine to prune young trees. If anything, it helps their form and health, so they grow into mature trees in a shapely and healthy way over time.

Want to have a professional from Forest Tree Service come to your property and take a look at your trees? He or she can make an assessment as to what needs to be pruned.

Maintain Tree Structure

In general, it makes sense to have trees on your property trimmed/pruned about every three to five years. Not only does this help establish/maintain tree structure, but also gets rid of weak branches before they accidentally fall on people or possessions (like your nice car in the driveway).

Tree Type

Tree pruning truly depends on tree type, as well as age and overall health. Between November and March is a fine time to have the work done; call Forest Tree Service of Kingwood, Texas, to schedule your appointment today at 281-381-4125. Forest Tree offers free estimates for work to be done. Offering prompt, reliable service, Forest Tree handles all sorts of trees, and does trimming, stump grinding and more. Forest Tree can also remove dead or unwanted trees if needed.