What is Causing My Tree to Die?

Dying Trees

Why do trees die?

Like humans and pets, trees get old. They can (and do) die from old age. Perhaps the major difference between humans, pets and trees is the sheer number of years trees can live… some will last centuries. Did you know the Bristlecone Pine can live up to 5,000 years? That’s astounding!

Environmental Conditions

Typically, though, trees end up dying due to other factors besides old age. Most trees perish due to adverse environmental conditions,catastrophic events, harmful insects and diseases, and harvesting.

Consider the environment where a tree is planted. If the tree is located in a drought-stricken area with little to no water that it needs to grow, it could easily end up dying. Better yet, consider the soil the tree is in– if it doesn’t drain well, it’s too salty, or it’s too polluted,all of those things can put stress on a tree and ultimately result in its demise.Meanwhile, if a tree and its soil are stuck in extreme sun heating spots (or cold spots), that too can mess with a tree’s ability to live a good, long life.If you’re thinking of planting a tree in your yard, it’s a good idea to consult an expert from a company like Forest Tree Service to figure out if that particular species is a good fit for your soil and location.

Unforeseen Events

Catastrophic events can easily kill trees. Imagine if a forest fire roars through your property, engulfing your trees? They’ll go up inflames. Or what if a tornado comes through town? Those high winds can easily uproot trees and kill them, causing devastation to properties. Other catastrophic events include ice storms, floods, and extreme drought conditions over a long period of time.

Insects and Disease

One of the main reasons many trees die each year comes down to harmful insects and disease. Pathogens can get into trees through their leaves, roots and even bark wounds. These pathogens will attack a tree’s vascular system and kill it. Common diseases for trees include Armillaria root rot, oak wilt and anthracnose. Meanwhile, insects have the ability to defoliate a tree to death. Insects who kill trees include pine beetles, gypsy moths, and emerald ash borers. Finally, trees die when they’re harvested for commercial purposes. If you take an ax and cut one down to use for firewood,that tree is essentially dead. Now imagine that on a bigger scale, where as heavy machinery comes into a forest to knock it down and use the lumber to, in the end, make things that support humankind’s existence, like wooden support beams for homes and paper to write on…

If you need help removing a dying tree from your property, or you’re looking to obtain quality firewood from dying trees, learn how the experts at Forest Tree Service can help.