How Often Should You Have Tree Pruning Done?

A man in a tree.

If you’re like most people, once in a great while you think to yourself, “How often should I have tree pruning done?” Maybe your yard is tarting to look “overgrown” or “shabby,” and the idea of hiring a professional tree crew from the likes of Forest Tree Service comes to mind… Rule of Thumb With… Read more »

Here’s When You Need Emergency Tree Removal Services

Most people don’t think much about the trees on their property until one of them becomes “an issue,” as in “safety issue.” When is there a need for emergency tree removal services from a company like Forest Tree Service? If a tree looks like it could cause harm to people or things at any moment,… Read more »

How Stump Grinding Services Benefit Homeowners

Did you ever have a zit on your face? If so, you wanted it gone, right? Zits, much like tree stumps, are a nuisance you wish would go just go away. Now some people live in areas where a couple tree stumps in the yard don’t really matter. They’re “out in the country” and have… Read more »

Can Trees Prune Themselves?

Can trees “prune” themselves? To “prune” is to reduce the extent of something by removing superfluous– or unwanted parts. Sometimes trees “prune” themselves, allowing branches to fall to the ground. When this happens, a natural pruning can hit people in the head and/or land on vehicles or homes. Have you ever been around a tree… Read more »

Tips For Selecting an Arborist

An arborist is defined as a “tree surgeon.” He or she knows all about trees– and can tell if they’re healthy or not. If they’re not healthy, the arborist knows how to “treat” them much like a doctor gives medicine and care to a human patient. Maybe you’ve noticed there are some trees on your… Read more »

Here’s Why It’s Important to Fertilize Your Trees

Tree Professionals

Now a lot of people fertilize their lawns. Why? They want their lawns to look their best, grow strong, and live longer, right? Have you ever considered fertilizing your… trees? The Benefits of Fertilizing Trees Just like anything in your yard that’s alive, trees need water to live– obviously. In the springtime, it’s a good… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When Choosing and Storing Firewood

Are you thinking of having a bonfire outside in the yard this summer? How about using firewood indoors to help heat the house during the winter? It turns out that not all woods are the same. Some can smoke too much when they’re being burnt, or have terribly stinky odors. Others can build up creosote… Read more »

Why Dead Trees Should Be Removed From Your Property

Who doesn’t love a beautiful tree in their yard or in front of their business property? Undoubtedly, trees can help beautify your property and are good for the environment. However, like all things, they do have a shelf life, and dying trees could really plague your property and cause owners a bevy of issues. Who… Read more »

How To Maintain Your Hedges

What happens many hedges? They get ugly! Some of the words used to describe some pretty ugly hedges include: unkempt, scraggly, spindly, and unsightly. Oftentimes people just don’t bother to maintain their hedges, so it’s no wonder they get ugly. How Trimmed Hedges Enhance Your Property When hedges are well taken care of, they can… Read more »